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Meet Jamila

Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer

Some social media profiles have you screaming 'my eyes' and suddenly you realize what Phoebe was referring to..

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to outsource the technicalities of social media analytics, the jargon and the leg work to someone who does this for a living? 

Look, let me be honest, you THINK you can handle your social media, post content and write captions- but that's not all.

You think you can handle it, but you really can't.


You will be left far behind- it's a rat race and the finish line for you is MILES away. 

It's 2022. There is NO room for conventional means of marketing to boost your sales. For a layman, it's a never ending pitfall of poor conversion rates, crappy funnels and a social media presence not even worth spending a dollar on. 

This is all true. And happening. Look around, you will be able to spot your friends and family who have said goodbye to their startup dreams because they think they know it all- or thought outsourcing marketing was a waste of money..

Hire an expert TODAY to discuss your marketing strategies. Let someone else do the donkeywork for you.. (okay maybe not the best of references, but you know what I mean)

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What I can help you with


Copywriting and Content Creation

From writing captions of posts to creating engaging content, you need to think about the textual and visual representation of your brand.

Social Media Strategy

A content calendar along with an actionable plan of social media strategy helps you reach your goals faster.


Paid and Organic Growth

Get talked about for all the right reasons! Paid and organic growth strategies for your brand to reach a wider audience and generate sales.


If you have one of  these businesses, you NEED a social media manager!

Small Scale Business
Therapist/psychological coach
Product-based business
Art/Creative business
Fitness Trainer/Gym owner
Daycare/School owner
Stand-up comedian/public figure
Hair and cosmetics startup
Fashion startup


Client Testimonials

This is what my clients have to say about my services!


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'Within the first month of setting up my Art page, my followers and customer interactions went up by 35%. I wish I had handed it over way earlier to Jamila. She was very professional in all her dealings!'

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“Jamila helped me with social media graphics and she did an amazing job! She knows how to use the right tones and really steps up your social media game”

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Ume Salama

'I was looking for a social media manager when Jamila approached me. She managed my Facebook and Instagram account for two weeks, did a great job and completed all her tasks on time. She worked hard with captions which grasped the attention of the readers and also made visually appealing posters. Her posts not only helped me in gaining more followers to my page but it also brought me a substantial amount of customers.
I am again looking forward to work with her and take my business to the next level.'

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'Jamila is one of the best social media managers out there, she is brilliant and diligent to achieve her goals. My experience with her has been great so far. She has really helped improve my brand's social presence.'



Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and queries. Or better yet, just drop by to say hello! Let's chat!

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